About Us

Who is Kyra’s Child. LLC? We are a VERY small group of like minded investors who are looking to fill the need for higher risk, solid return lending micro-loans in Laramie and surrounding areas in Wyoming. We use our privately earned cash and resources to help our customers develop, sell, and maintain profitable home businesses. Why are we interested in investing money in Laramie in this way? Simply, there is a need for it. We work on an extremely limited monthly budget in terms of what we can, and can not lend to assist the business ideas of our customers.

Do you have your own Dream? Something you were told was impossible, and to not trouble yourself with it? Are you currently working on a dream? TELL US!!!

Share the Dream with us!

IDEAS are the most dangerous thing in the world, because they are priceless, faceless, and all powerful!

Click on this form and tell us what your thoughts are! Even just to trade ideas! Having other kinds of problems that is not a service we offer? TELL US! Our form to Invest in the Dream is for all Dreams! No matter the Dream, or problems! No Dream is too big or too small!

If an agreement is reached to lend money in one of our areas of expertise, and a clear, well-described business plan is solidified, we lend money to help those who otherwise would be unable to start a home business, giving them the freedom and help they need. We have an application process, please follow our URL links to be considered! 
Kyra’s Child LLC is also proud to now be offering bill pay, and payday assistance loans. Many of our loans have a ZERO origination fee, if certain circumstances are met.
Why do we offer this service?
Normal options for traditional payday loans have extremely high interest rates, service fees, and are considered by many to do more harm than good. At Kyra’s Child LLC, we offer loans specifically to get our clients OUT of payday loan debt. Loans need to be secured by collateral or payday guarantee, but as each situation is specific so too are our loans.
Fill out our lending form HERE with your needs. We will work to support you with a lending schedule that you can work with! We also offer business support and ideas, IT and web support to our customers, and advertising assistance!
All of our Dreamers are people who are realizing their dream to be self sufficient, and self employed. Please take great pride in supporting our dreamers! By supporting them, you support all of Kyra’s Child LLC Dreamers!